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Our focus is to deliver high quality Voice and Data products such as Fibre and VoIP that will not only delight our customers, but also deliver reliable and consistent service.

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Stellendale Village

Fibre Internet Rollout

Stellendale Village

We are delighted to be involved with Stellendale Village, rolling out Fibre across the estate. Pricing as from 9 January 2017:

We are now offering you the choice between Uncapped and Capped Internet. Our uncapped services come in a choice of speeds up to 100mbps.

To get started with your order, please enter your name and email address and click on the Start Order Button


Q. How do I place my order?

A. You can follow these steps to place your order:

  1. Download and complete the order form from.
  2. Email the completed form to: stellendale(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)ipcomms.co.za
  3. We will contact you with availability for installation. If you are in Bishopscourt, Newlands or Silvermine the installation is usually quick (about 20 mins). Alphen road and the flats will tipically be a couple of hours.
  4. Once we have done the installation the engineer will leave you with a working Internet connection
  5. a few days later you will get your first bill which will be pro-rata for the month. If your installation occurred in the last week of the month then your first bill will typically include pro-rata for the first month and then your next month in advance. Your bill will be sent to you via emailed.
Q. How do I upgrade/downgrade my account?

A. You can email our support team on support(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)ipcomms.co.za with your request and we will process it from there. Please note that downgrade will only take effect from the start of the next month; Upgrades will take effect immediately.

Q. What are the Internet Starter Packages?

A. We have been working hard to make internet affordable for everyone in the estate and happy to announce our Internet Starter packages. These packages are designed to minimise the monthly cost without sacrificing Internet speeds and quality of the connection. These packages are available in a 10GB and 20GB option at R149 and R199 per month respectively and has a R495 installation cost. (The rest of our internet packages are still available with free installation). If you downgrade from one of our normal packages to one of our starter packages within 3 months of installation then the installation fee will also apply

Q. What are the Installation Costs?

A. Good news! We are still able to offer our Internet packages with No Installation fees and No Contracts! (with the exception of our Internet Starter Package)

Free installation is subject to routine (the pipes we run our fibre in) being in place and in good order. If this is not in place or faulty we will advise of the costs before proceeding with any installation.

Q. Is this available across the whole Stellendale Village?

A. Yes! Silvermine, Newlands and Bishopscourt is fully covered and installations are normally next day. Alphen Road and the flats are also covered with Fibre, but lead times are a bit longer (1-2 weeks).

Q. What speeds can we expect?

A. We are currently offering speeds up to 100Mbps.

It is important to understand that these connections are contented (see the question below on contention) which means that you could see slower speeds during busy periods on the uncapped packages.

These speeds are also asynchronous, meaning that the upload and download speeds differ:

2Mbps – 2Mbps download, 2Mbps upload
4Mbps – 4Mbps download, 2Mbps upload
10Mbps – 10Mbps download, 2Mbps upload
20Mbps – 20Mbps download, 2Mbps upload
50Mbps – 50Mbps download, 5Mbps upload
100Mbps – 100Mbps download, 10Mbps upload

We also have premium packages available which are synchronous (i.e. same upload and download speeds) if you need a package with higher upload speeds.

Q. What are your contention rates

Our target contention varies slightly on the connection speed, but overall we work on 20:1 as a maximum. Our current (Jan 2017) actual contention rates are 3:1 at night and over weekends and 6:1 during the day. The contention varies because of the way we allocate and distribute bandwidth to Stellendale.

Q. Is there a limit to how much data I can use?

A. We have a fair use policy on our uncapped products which are:

100GB on 2Mbps service
200GB on 4Mbps service
500GB on 10Mbps service
1,000GB on 20Mbps service
2,500GB on 50Mbps service
5,000GB on 100Mbps service

If you exceed the fair use policy then your line speed will be halved for the remainder of the month (i.e 10Mbps service will drop to 5Mbps). You will, however, not be billed for additional bandwidth use.

Q. What happens when I exceed the Fair Use Policy?

A. We will actively be managing the network to ensure all users have the best possible experience, but where excessive users are negatively affecting the network we will implement a mix of traffic shaping and throttling to reduce the impact on the network.

Q. Do you shape traffic?

A. On our uncapped packages we shape traffic to prioritise gaming and streaming from legitimate on demand streaming services (Youtube, Facebook, Netflix, Showmax, etc). The goal is to ensure realtime services respond quickly so customers have a good Internet experience.

Our capped packages are not shaped.

Q. Can I keep the equipment you install in my property?

A. The router remains our property. If you cancel your service we will arrange for it to be collected. If you purchased a handset, this will be yours to keep.

Q. How long contract do I need to sign?

A. You will be on a monthly rolling contract, so you only need to give us 30 days notice if you wish to cancel your contract.

Q. Can I keep the equipment you install in my property?

A. The router remains our property. If you cancel your service we will arrange for it to be collected. If you purchased a handset, this will be yours to keep.

Q. How much does topup data cost?

Should you run out of data you can top up your account. Topups are valid for 3 months (90 days) from date of purchase.

Topup DataPrice
10 GBR 50
20 GBR 90
50 GBR 180
100 GBR 245
200 GBR 400
400 GBR 500
500 GBR 625
800 GBR 1,000
Q. How do I cancel my Internet?

A. Please email support(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)ipcomms.co.za and let us know when you are moving out or want to cancel your Internet. We do require 30 days notice. Please ensure you return your router with its power supply to the guard house within 7 days from when your services are ceased and we will collect it from there. If you do not return the router you will be charged for the cost of the router (R500 and upwards depending on the router provided).